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The Kelly Children's Home

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

To feel a deep, heartfelt connection to a cause to help people is one of the more special moments in the human experience. Being inspired by the passion of others for the greater good is really what life is all about. This past week, our entire Outreach Team at WIMCO was moved to the point of tears hearing Alexis Kelly pour out the heart behind the Kelly Children’s Home, a new children’s homecoming to Beaufort County that will change the trajectory of the lives of so many children in our community.

Beaufort County currently has approximately 147 children in foster care with only 23 licensed foster parents in the county. Inadequate housing, drug abuse, and sexual abuse are the top 3 reasons children are placed in foster care in Beaufort County. Twenty-five percent of these children are separated from their siblings when placed in foster care. The 12-18 year old age group is the one with the greatest need given their imminent transition to society and the need to teach them critical skills to make it in the world. The Kelly Children’s Home will serve this monumental need in Beaufort County and aim to break this cycle of abuse and neglect.

Alexis and her husband Josh are raising money through the Kelly Foundation to purchase the land and building in Washington that will become the Kelly Children’s Home. They have a closing date set for July and they are in the midst of a big fundraising push to reach their goal of $130,000 raised by that time. Their hearts are gold and their resolve is strong. Once the purchase is made there are some immediate needs for renovations to the grounds and the building, to effectively turn this building into a home. Please visit their website at and also please consider visiting their GoFundMe and donating to this worthy cause.

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